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A trip into a warm and colorful music

Like every other birds, Pajarito travels and shares his stories through a very creative and positive music called ELECTROPICALISM.

A place where Colombian Cumbia shakes hands with Arabic melodies, where Indian percussion gets along with Brazilian Samba.

Pajarito's music comes in two different versions: "PAJARITO ALTO", where the audience gets a full reload of energy and dancing, and "PAJARITO ZEN", a very meditative and introspective music made for relaxing and peace.


The dynamic, energetic, dancy version of Pajarito.

A brilliant combination of world music with absorbing homemade electronic beats.

A music created live and on the fly, transmitting to the audience a tremendous load of energy and positivity through contagious grooves.

Pajarito zen

Bring your own cushion, sit back or lay down, but most of all: RELAX

The Zen version of Pajarito is made for people who want to chill out, meditate, or even take a nap.

The music is built on the fly, with soft sound textures and layers for a full sound immersion, a complete music bath for people who would like to regenerate in softness.


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Phone : +33 627 871 322